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Derby, England Ref B001

 Darley Abbey Park , Derby, Derbyshire.

Attenborough Park Ref: B003

Attenborough Park, Long Eaton, Nottingham UK

Greenfinch Ref: B005

Hong Kong

Goldfinch Ref: B004

Leicestershire, England.

House Sparrow Ref: B006


House Sparrow Ref: B007


Kookaburra Ref: B008

Kookaburra, Latin name: Dacelo novaeguineae, are of the genus - Dacelo and are native to Australia. Taken in Margaret River, West Australia.

Singapore Ref: B009

Ho Chi Minh City

Meerkat Ref: B011

Meerkat:, Latin name: Suricata suricatta, belonging to the Mongoose family, (Herpestidae). Taken at Chester Zoo, Manchester, England.

Singapore Ref: B013

Flamingoes in Tanzania

Singapore Ref: B015

Singapore Business district.

Fullerton Hotel in Singapore Ref: B017

Hotel in Tourist district of Singapore

Tiger Ref: B019

Tiger. Taken at Chester Zoo, Manchester, UK

Tenerife Ref: B021

Tenerife harbour

Wasp Ref: B023

Wasp, photographed in Derby, England

Water Lily|: Ref B026

Water Lily, taken at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England.

Roofs in Tenerife Ref: B028

Roof tops in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Robin Ref: B012

Robin, Latin name: Erithacus rubecula, belonging to the family of Chats and Thrushes, (Turdidae).

Taken in Cornwall, England.

Singapore Harbour Ref: B014

Singapore harbour area looking across to The Eye.

Singapore Ref: B016

Singapore harbour from The Eye

Singapore High Rise Ref: B018

Singapore Banking district

South Stacks Ref: B020

South Stacks Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales, UK

Tree Sparrow Ref: B022

Tree Sparrow, Latin name: Passer montanus, belonging to the Sparrows family (Passeridae). They have suffered a population decline of 90% from 1970 to 2008, though numbers are on the rise now.

Tiger (glow) Ref: B024

Tiger in low key blending mode

Deer Ref: B027

White Deer Composite, photographed at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, England.